Bliss’d Out Babes Collection – Bliss Polish

I own a good amount of Bliss Polish (understatement of the year? lol) and I’ve never really been able to pick a “favorite” Bliss collection, because I honestly love them all. However, I think this new collection is definitely at the top of my list! For several reasons…

  1. You have a little bit of everything! Holo, flakies, matte… it’s got something for everyone.
  2. The colors. They all work so well together. They’re perfect for winter. But you can bet your arse I’ll be wearing these year round! And,
  3. It’s named after and inspired by Yvette’s customer rewards group on Facebook, Bliss’d Out Babes*. The polishes themselves are named after some of the common phrases (and shenanigans, hehe) from the group. 🙂 Further explanations below.

Let’s check them out!


Bliss + Issues = Blissues. Example(s): “Must buy ALLLLL the Blissies!!” “Oh, no, fill line! Must get back up.” Checking the website daily (or several times/day) for MH and MGs. Impatiently waiting for USPS[ucks] to deliver your Blissies. I think you get the idea?

Flakieeeeeeeees! I think everyone in the group has been dying for something like this (purple with flakes), as we have a lot of purple lovers! This is a deep plum jelly with lots of rainbow flakies. It is so squishy! I did two thin coats (3 on my pinky… for some reason I can always see the nail line on my pinky) and topped it with Glisten & Glow HK Girl top coat.


Smuggle Struggle

Many of the BOBs are married/have significant others (SO)… there is always chatter about how to smuggle your new Blissies  into the house without the SO calling you out. #thestruggleisreal Hehehe.

This is a dark teal holographic polish with holo flakies. This is two thin coats topped with Glisten & Glow HK Girl tc.


Bye Felicia

😂 I had a couple tears from laughing when I saw the name of this one! This term is used when someone says that they are leaving (and try to make a big deal about it), but you really could care less that they are. Their name becomes irrelevant (no one cares to remember) and is, therefore, replaced with “Felicia.”

This beauty is a medium brown linear holo (reminds me of a chocolate bar). It’s a gorgeous gorgeous shade. This is a two coater, and is topped with Glisten & Glow HK Girl tc.


Crazy Talk

When someone tells you that you don’t need that new Bliss, #crazytalk. When the hubs tells you you have too much bliss, #crazytalk. When you say you’re going on a no-buy, #crazytalk. LOL 🙂

This is a bright royal purple polish, with blue shimmer, that dries matte. I am obsessed with matte polishes that have a complementing shimmer to them (tell me I’m not alone?!). When the polish is matte you can see all the purple in it’s full glory, and the light catches some of that blue sparkle. Add top coat to fully reveal and bring to life the blue shimmer.


The Bliss’d Out Babes collection will be releases this Monday, 11/30 at 12PM PST in the Bliss Polish shop. Be sure to check out the Bliss IG later today for a discount code, as Yvette will be having a Cyber Monday sale! If you are unable to snag it Monday, don’t freak out, as she’ll restock them a few more times. The It’s All Fun & Games pt 1 & 2 collection (click here for swatches) will also be available on Monday; this is the last restock for these polishes, and once they sell out, they are gone for good. In addition, there will be handful of $5  clearance polishes. Set those alarms/reminders, ladies!


Who is picking up this collection and/or any of the individual polishes? 🙂 I know you all can relate to the names… feel free to share any of those moments below!


* NOTE about the BOBs group: This is a loyal customer rewards group (similar to the rewards programs at CVS, Ulta, Sephora, etc). This is a way for Yvette to be able to interact with her customers 1-1 and to be able to give back to those customers (via custom polishes, early access, exclusive sales, etc). To join you must be an active customer (with more than one purchase in a given year – can be as simple as buying a $4 cuticle oil twice within the current year. That’s $8 – plus shipping, obvi). All this info (and more) is listed in the group description if you want to go take a look or if you have further questions.


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